Innovation has always been an integral part of ITMA's DNA. Since it's inception in 1951, every ITMA exhibition has presented the latest manufacturing technology to textile and garment makers. In 2015, in line with industry trends and needs, the exhibition will spotlight innovations that promote sustainability.
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Exhibitor Bulletin
  • The Technical Regulations will be issued on 15 Oct 2014.

    For specific technical enquiries on the venue, please contact
Exhibitor Advisory
Exhibitors are advised to be vigilant in any dealings with a Mexico-based company promoting Expo Guide/Fair Guide and a Slovakian based company promoting Fair Guide. CEMATEX and MP International do not endorse 'Expo Guide' and 'Fair Guide', and the ITMA event is not connected to these companies nor their products.

We urge exhibitors to ignore any correspondence you might receive from them. Should you have any query, please contact the ITMA 2015 team at
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