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EU Textile Strategy 2030 and Its Business Impact Masterclass

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08   14

June 2023

Fiera Milano RHOMilan . Italy

EU Textile Strategy 2030 and Its Business Impact

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Launch of the EU Textile Strategy 2030 and Its Business Impact Masterclass



EU Textile Strategy 2030 and Its Business Impact is a new four-part masterclass developed with the support of the European Commission. The masterclass will be launched with a live webinar on 16 May 2024.


Special guests on the webinar includes:


• Ms Marie-Helene Pradines, Head of Unit for "Tourism and Textiles" (DG GROW)

• Ms Karolina D'Cunha, Deputy Head, Unit for "From Waste to Resources" (DG ENV)

• Ms Alessandra Moser, Policy Advisor to Member of European Parliament


The special guests will share insights on how the strategy will be a game-changer for the industry, creating opportunities and driving growth.


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Meet the Special Guests
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Upcoming Masterclass


The EU Textile Strategy 2030 and Its Business Impact Masterclass will revolutionise industry perspectives by delving into the profound implications of the strategy, honing in on four critical areas: Forced Labour, Textile Product End-of-life Management, Eco-design Requirements for Sustainable Products, and EU Product Compliance and Market Surveillance. Attendees will glean invaluable insights into forthcoming legislations, empowering them to proactively safeguard their access to the EU27 market.


The 4-part Masterclass are exclusive for ITMAconnect subscribers.

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